Leukorrhea or white discharge Why white discharge occurs and ways to prevent it Bacterial vaginosis

Almost all women are familiar with the word leukorrhea or white discharge. This is a fairly common problem among women in our country as well as in the underdeveloped countries of the Third World. Eighty-five percent of women in these areas suffer from this uncomfortable problem. In many cases due to ignorance seek refuge with the right doctor so late that later fall into various complications. Avoiding the causes of this problem and treating it quickly by an experienced doctor can help you recover without complications. If there is more discharge than usual, it is called leukorrhea or white discharge. Although leukorrhea refers to white discharge or leucorrhoea, the color of this discharge may vary due to various reasons. Vaginal infection is the most common cause of leukorrhea or white discharge. Other reasons may include very little vaginal discharge before the start of menstruation. Which does not cause any kind of irritation or problems and which is not considered abnormal. If a teen’s vagina is examined, it will show a very small amount of mucus that comes from the vagina’s normal cells. Vaginal discharge in an adult woman is considered abnormal only when there are symptoms such as wet loss of clothes or foul-smelling discharge or disruption of normal functioning.

Causes of leukorrhea or white discharge :

(A) Sexually Transmitted Infections: Candidiasis, Diabetes Mellitus, Antibiotic Use, Pregnancy, Corticosteroid Use, Contraceptive Pills, Wear Tight and Synthetic Panties.

(B) Trichomoniasis: Trichomona, a bacterium called vaginalis, is the second leading cause of leukorrhea. This infection is transmitted from one person to another through sexual intercourse. So if the wife is infected, it is important for the husband to get rid of the disease in the same way. Nail disease will continue day after day. In both men and women, it can affect the urethra in addition to the vagina.

Bacterial vaginosis :

Usually a combination of Gardnella and anaerobic bacteria. The discharge usually smells like thin gray white fish scales.


Sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. There is excruciating pain like tingling in the vagina. And the discharge goes like a pus. In this case, vaginal swab culture should be treated. However, both partners need to be treated at the same time. Otherwise there will be repeated infections. Gonorrhea is transmitted only through sexual intercourse.

Apart from these, women who have completed their period have more discharge. Cervical polyps, or discharge for erosion and cervicitis may occur.

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Patient health education and awareness will play the most important role in preventing this problem. The teenage girl needs to be educated about the intricacies of health care from the start of her first menstrual period. Everything that is used during menstruation must be very clean. If household items are kept in a damp room or bathroom at that time, it can cause fungus or Candida, and the patient can become infected as a result of subsequent use. This is because any disease germs can easily enter the body of girls through sexual intercourse.

There is no sex education system in the educational institutions of our country. Therefore, due to ignorance, all these problems are often caused by taking contraceptive pills or taking antibiotics for a long time. It is also important to know about sexually transmitted diseases and how it enters the body of a healthy person from an infected patient. These unwanted diseases are easier to prevent than to cure.

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