‘Major’ returns to White House

‘Major’ and ‘Champ’ are Biden’s pet dogs. There were allegations that the Major had lost his mind as soon as he entered the White House. He became crazy. He would rush towards everyone. President Biden was forced to send the two dogs back from the White House. However, his two favorite dogs are returning to the White House.

If all goes well, Major and Champ will be in Washington again early next week. White House press secretary Jane Paskey said Major and Champ had been trained to change behavior after being fired from the White House. Major has become quite calm after training. The feeling of madness has also decreased. After observing everything, he was allowed to enter the White House.

Major breed German Shepherd dog. Champs are also dogs of the same breed. However, there was not much of a problem with the champ. The dog is now 13 years old. The cooker has also become a bit slower physically due to age. The three-year-old major, however, is quite aggressive. In 2016, Biden brought the Major from an animal shelter in Delaware.

Major and Champ have long lived with the Biden family in the state of Delaware. But as soon as Biden came to the White House holding the couple’s hand, the Major’s head broke. A huge compound of 16 acres, so many people, protocol — all this changes the behavior of the unaccustomed major. Became crazy. How to become a champ.

One day, the Major bit a security guard of the White House. In that incident, the jute of the White House was taken by Major and Champ. Biden sent his beloved pet to his home in Delaware. There is training to change their behavior. Familiar places and training have changed the behavior of the two German Shepherds. So again the place in the White House is for two dogs.

Jane Paskey told reporters last Wednesday that Major and Champ met with the Biden couple at Camp David in Maryland. The two dogs are scheduled to return to the White House on Sunday with the president and first lady after the weekend.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat the White House. He said, two dogs will come and go, this is what will happen. They may have to return to Delaware.

Jane Paskey further hinted that another newcomer to the White House could emerge after Major and Champ. The Biden couple also have plans to raise a cat.

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