Two Kashmiri women in Biden administration USA news 24 || 2021

Two Kashmiri-American women born in Indian-controlled Kashmir have been given important responsibilities in the administration of US President Joe Biden. They are Samira Fazili and Ayesha Shah.

It is learned that Samira Fazili has been appointed as the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council of the White House. He will coordinate the economic policy-making process at the National Economic Council and advise the president on U.S. economic policy.

Fazili is currently the top official in the Biden-Harris transition team’s financial organization. He has previously served as director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Into the Obama-Biden administration, Fazili has served as a eldest policy counselor to the White House National Economic Council and a highest adviser to the U.S. Treasury Department on both domestic finance and international affairs.

Samira, a resident of Buffalo, New York, now lives in Georgia with her husband and three children. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Yale Law School and a bachelor’s degree in social science from Harvard University.

Meanwhile, Kashmiri-American Ayesha Shah has been appointed as the partnership director of the White House Office of Digital Strategy. He will work collaboratively with Robert Fleherty, director of digital strategy.

Ayesha Shah, who grew up in Louisiana, USA, was previously the director of the Digital Partnership Team in the Biden-Harris Campaign. He is currently working as an Advance Specialist at the Smithsonian Institution.

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