Ways to survey online best online survey

Ways to survey online

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Whether it is academic or personal research or survey, we often use various online media or websites to collect information. Those who are doing research at home, how can you conduct an online survey? Find out a few websites.

Survey Monkey

Once the form is ready, you can send it to the scheduled e-mail. The survey form can also be published on social media or on its own website. If anyone wants, he can spend some money and deliver the advertisement of this form to the people concerned with the content of his survey.
Type form
‘Let the question be simple, beautiful and humane’ — this is the slogan of type form. Of all the survey tools available, type is the cleanest. Even if you have the opportunity to use it for free, you can add 10 questions to each survey form and collect a maximum of 100 surveys per month. There is an opportunity to attach pictures in GIF or PNG format with various types of questions.

Google Forms

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a tool for conducting online surveys for a given campaign. Zoho is a special service operated internationally. Zoho provides services in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), e-mail, accounting, IT, sales, marketing and many more. The best advantage of surveying using this tool is that the information from it can be easily used for many other purposes in the future.
Even if you have all the amazing templates, if the user wants, he can arrange his survey form himself using ‘drag and drop’. If you control the survey by password, only those who have the password can take part in the survey. In addition to the benefits of presenting graphs and charts in various ways, there is also an opportunity to download and analyze the survey data offline.

Survey Planet

Survey Planet can be used if you want to do a little selection in the case of surveys. At the beginning and at the end you can add any message for the participant. Like other tools, it has the opportunity to send the form to online social media, blog or e-mail by arranging the form in general. Anyone can conduct a survey or participate in the survey on condition of anonymity. Examples of various questions can be seen here while preparing the survey form.

Repetition of data from survey participants can be easily removed. This tool will automatically create a preliminary presentation with all the information at the end of the survey.

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