Fawcett warned about the new type of coron|| 2021 North America Desk

Fawcett warned about the new type of corona

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The epidemiology team at the University of Washington has issued a new alarming forecast. Even the best chance is that by May 1, another 200,000 people will be added to the list of deaths in Corona in the United States.


More than 430,000 people have already died in the United States in Corona, according to CNN. The University of Washington’s Health Metrics and Evaluation thinks the death march will not stop easily. According to them, if the new type of corona spreads and the general public becomes even more vigilant about health precautions, at least 130,000 people will die in the next three months in the United States alone.

Now the matter is no longer stuck in the forecast. The new type of corona has already spread to many states in the United States. From the beginning, virus experts say, Corona will change its type. Now this prophecy has come true. Not only is this true, but the new species found in the UK and South Africa is even more terrifying than the one that has been spreading terror for so long. And it does not stop here, warned the top infectious disease specialist in the United States. Anthony Fawcett. Recently, he said, “The virus will definitely adapt and evolve further.”

Corona vaccination has been introduced in the United States for some time. The Joe Biden administration has been pushing for a vaccination program since taking office. The state and federal governments are running this immunization program simultaneously. But the summer will be over to bring all the people of the United States under this program. Before that, new types of corona will spread. There is also skepticism about the effectiveness of existing vaccines against these new strains. In this case, wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, including health precautions are being emphasized.

The first executive order issued by Joe Biden when he came to power was to wear a mask. Wearing masks is mandatory in all government offices, including federal offices. In this case, the states are not included, because it is not a matter for the federal government. Considering the situation, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now considering wearing two masks at the same time. At the same time, they are talking about increasing the Corona test.

CDC’s new director said. Rochelle Walensky says the new type of corona has to be complied with twice as many existing health warnings. But the problem is that the United States is still not following the general warning.

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