Police-FBI behind the murder of US civil rights leader Malcolm!

Police-FBI behind the murder of US civil rights leader Malcolm!

New York police and the FBI were involved in the assassination of Malcolm X, a prominent US civil rights leader. His family made the claim in a letter from a late detective and police officer.

In 1975, this fearless activist was brutally killed for realizing the rights of black people. He became known as the spokesman for the Nation of Islam, an organization of African-American Muslims. He also had a reputation as an orator.

He was also known as Al-Hajj Malik Al-Shabbaz.

However, in 1984, Malcolm separated himself from the Nation of Islam. He was killed while preparing to give a speech at the Adobe Ballroom in New York. Three members of the Nation of Islam were convicted of shooting him.

The British news agency Reuters and the Washington Post reported that.

The letter was released at a press conference on Saturday. The letter was written by Raymond Wood, a former New York police detective. Raymond’s cousin Reggie Wood was also at the press conference.

The letter said he had lured two members of Malcolm X’s security team to the crime scene. And he was forced to do so by the supervisor of the New York Police Department. The activists were arrested two days before the civil rights leader was shot dead.

Raymond Wood said there were no security guards in the ballroom during Malcolm X’s speech due to the arrest of security guards. It was the perfect conspiracy between the New York Police Department and the FBI to kill him.

In the letter, Raymond Wood said, “Under the supervision of my supervisor, I encouraged civil rights activists and leaders to engage in criminal activity.

Historians, however, claim that the wrong people were convicted. Manhattan District Attorney C. Vance said last year the case will be reviewed again.

New York police say all kinds of documents related to the case have been provided to the district attorney. If any review is done now; But it will also help.

Ilias Shabbaz, Malcolm X’s daughter, said: He demanded a fresh investigation into the incident.

” I was a dark analyst in New York City from 1984 to 1981,” said Raymond Wood. I took part in steps that were traumatic and detrimental to blacks. At the behest of my caretaker, I tempted civil rights leaders to commit crimes.

“I was hired by the New York police to join a civil rights group in gathering evidence of criminal activity,” he said.

However, he refused to be involved in these activities and wanted to resign. But his supervisor told him that if he made such a decision, he would be framed on false charges.

‘A false conspiracy to bomb the Statue of Liberty has been brought against Malcolm’s security guards. They were later arrested. And my supervisor did it. ‘

Raymond Wood was instructed to stay in the Audubon ballroom at the time of Malcolm X’s murder. Witnesses saw him leaving the scene. But Khalil Islam was arrested and convicted for covering up his activities and the confidentiality of the FBI and New York police.

Raymond Wood wrote the letter before being diagnosed with bowel cancer and requested his brother’s son to disclose it after his death. But in 2012 he was released from cancer. He died on November 24, 2020.

And the 58th anniversary of the murder of Malcolm X was celebrated on Sunday. When asked about the letter, White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said, “I haven’t seen it.” If you want to give it to me, I would be happy to have the opportunity to read it after the briefing.

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