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The lost wallet came in hand after 53 years

The wallet was lost in Antarctica 53 years ago. Paul Grisham got that wallet back. Recently, some strangers contacted him in a hurry and sent the wallet by post.

Paul Grisham is currently a resident of San Diego, California, USA, according to AFP. He is now 91 years old. He worked as a naval meteorologist. That’s why he went to Antarctica. He was 36 years old then. The wallet was lost at that time. Although Paul Grisham no longer remembers if he lost his wallet!

According to Fox News, Grisham received the wallet by post last Saturday. He worked in Antarctica for 13 months. Although he lost his wallet at that time, he once forgot it. Who remembers that for so many years? But recently some strangers found him and returned the old wallet by post.

“I’m surprised,” Paul Grisham told NPR. A lot of people have worked hard to find me to give it back. ‘

According to the British Guardian, the wallet contained Paul’s identity card, driving license and several other personal documents while serving in the Navy. Paul grew up in Arizona, USA. He joined the Navy in 1948. He later worked as a weather forecaster. In 1986, he was sent to Antarctica on a special mission. The name of the mission was ‘Operation Dope Fridge’. The job was to assist civilian scientists.

The Grisham wallet was found in 2014. It was found by people involved in the demolition of a building at McMurdo Station on Ross Island in Antarctica. Then began the investigation into whether Paul Grisham was alive at all. After finding Paul’s current address, the wallet was sent there.

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