2021 bridge fast rate video application software, meeting education application field!

Education app is at the top of the statistics. The market for gaming apps has also grown exponentially.

#New Delhi: The country’s app market has seen a swift growth in 2020. In this case, the market for education apps has grown at the highest rate. This was recently reported by Adjust, a research firm of Mobile Mark. According to the company, compared to 2019, last year saw a 49 percent growth in the mobile app market. And at the top of this statistic is the education app. The market for gaming apps has also grown exponentially.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association of India, the country currently has 800 million mobile phone subscribers as well as 451 million internet users. However, the expected growth in e-commerce apps was not seen. According to the report, except for a few months in the beginning of 2020, Corona has not carried out violence. As a result, most people in the world were under house arrest. Most countries have had to walk the path of lockdown. In this situation, people have become accustomed to the virtual world. The popularity of online media has increased. But e-commerce apps did not have that effect. 2020 saw a relatively low growth in e-commerce apps.

According to the list, recreation sector ranks seventh among the growing sectors in the country. At the same time, significant growth has been noticed in the field of gaming. Similar growth has been noticed in gaming in India as well as in many other countries of the world. Argentina has risen to the top in terms of gaming. Compared to previous years, this country has seen an increase of about 80 percent. Argentina is followed by Vietnam, Brazil, China, Mexico and Colombia. India is ranked 12th in the list.

Note that the rise of India in the app market is amazing. According to Adjusts rating, India has come a long way this time over the past few years. India’s performance is quite admirable. In 2019, India was in the middle of the list. Last year, in 2020, our country has risen to the top of the list. Which has caught the eye of app companies. According to experts, the source of this growth could increase the amount of investment in the country’s market.

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