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Assange’s fiance said outside the court

His fianc , Stella Morris, has reacted to a UK court ordering the trial of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the United States.

The United States has said it is “disappointed” that Assange’s trial has stalled. And Mexico has shown interest in granting political asylum to Assange.

According to AFP, Stella called the court order a “victory.” However, Assange said he would not hold any festivities until he was released.

Standing outside London’s Old Bailey court, Assange’s fianc  Stella added: “It’s over now. Break down the prison walls so that our little boys can find their father. ‘He demanded Assange’s release for the good of all.

As much as Stella and Snowden are overwhelmed by the British court’s decision, the US judiciary is disappointed. “We are very disappointed with the decision of the British court regarding Assange,” the judiciary said yesterday.

Assange claims that he released secret US military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks in order to protect freedom of speech. His claim was rejected by the District Judge. District referee Vanessa Barritser said: “If Assange is extradited into the United States, he may commit suicide. He could be emotionally traumatized if he is handed over to the United States. He will be tortured.

The United States has said in a statement that it was “satisfied” with the judge’s assertion that it was “reluctant to do so.”

Mexico has said it wants to grant political asylum to Assange, expressing happiness over the UK court’s decision. I will ask the foreign minister to start the process of requesting the UK government to release Assange,” President Andres Manuel Lopez Orator told reporters. Mexico will then offer Assange political asylum.

The leftist leader praised the decision of the UK court.

Mexico has been providing political asylum to many for several years. The country has also recently granted political asylum to Bolivian President Evo Moreles.

Former US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative Edward Snowden has welcomed a British court’s decision to block Assange’s extradition to the United States. Snowden said Monday that he hopes the US-led spying allegations against WikiLeaks founder Assange will end. “Let it all be over,” Sloden tweeted.

Snowden has been in Russia since 2013, leaking information about US intelligence surveillance. Last year, Snowden expressed his desire to obtain US-Russian dual citizenship.

Assange’s trial has been going on for more than a decade. He and his lawyers have long argued that the case is politically motivated. The court finally handed him over to the United States yesterday. However, there may be an appeal against the order of the court.

Assange released military documents on the Iraq and Afghan wars. In 2010, the United States charged him with 16 counts of espionage. If convicted, he could face up to 175 years in prison.

Assange, however, apologized to US President Donald Trump. A lot of information leaked to WikiLeaks played a helpful role in Trump’s 2016 election campaign. Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton’s image is also damaged.

The allegations against Assange

One of the allegations the United States has made against Assange is that he entered the country’s computer system. Assange hacked the computer long before the allegations were made. He also had to pay a fine for this.

Assange was born in 1981 in Townsville, Australia. He gained a reputation as a computer programmer as a teenager. He was also fined in 1995 for computer hacking. However, Assange did not have to go to jail at that time. At that time he was given the condition that he would never hack the computer again.

Assange then founded WikiLeaks in 2006. The Internet-based platform was primarily for information leakers. He leaked all that information from there.

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