Even if you post your picture on social media, the account can be garmin hacked, how? Experts report.

Hackers first mapped out our social media circle based on hashtag formulas. Then check who is known to be active and who?

Recently, the personal information of 535 million users of the world’s most exoteric social media Facebook has been leaked online. The company claims that this intelligence is from 2019. But tests have exhibited that many of the leaked phone numbers and e-mails are still active. Based on that creation, Jason Nurse, a professor in the Department of Cyber ​​indemnity at the University of Kent, has revealed another damned piece of information about the hacking of a security blog called Sophos Naked.

He uttered that selfies, hanging out with friends, partying, petting, petting videos – all these should be taken care of in posting on convivial media. Why not, hackers can grub the user’s account and put him in danger.

The nurse uttered that hackers can be aware of our activities, friend circles, from the pictures or videos that we generally post on social media and if it is private. In this patient, the hackers get a comprehensive information diagonally one post after another. Their main help in this work is the hashtags linked to the post.

The nurse claims that hackers first mapped out our social media circle based on this hashtag. After that we check who is known who is active and who is not active in our contact. The next step is to cast the net directly! But how do hackers do this?

The nurse says that in all these cases the mail is sent using the name of the individual whose account is in the account. It creates a circumstance in the mind of the user with the credibility of the mail. In many cases, the account starts to be hacked as soon as those post are clicked. However, most of the time these mails are used to keep track of accounts, clearing storage, and preventing viruses by sending some links.

It doesn’t receive long for the account to be hacked after clicking on those links. In many cases, hackers also send such links through the profile of someone they have not been in contact with for a long time. There is only one way to be careful in this case – do not click on the links in all these mails!

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