Where is Facebook’s leaked data kept? What problems can you read from this?

Where is Facebook’s leaked data kept? What problems can you read from this?

Facebook is saying again and again – the data that has been leaked online, it is 2019! But that does not stop the debate. Why not, in the meantime, cyber security researchers in several countries around the world have shown that some of those data phone numbers, some mail IDs are still active. Coming to this place, the question naturally arises – what kind of risk can users face because of this? Equally important is the question – where is the leaked data currently stored?

Indian cyber security researcher Rajshekhar Rajahariya has presented his own analysis in this regard. What he is saying, let’s find out one by one!

1. What is a data leak?

No doubt, this hurdle needs to be overcome first. is facebook down said that the hackers got this information with the help of data scraping method. This is why when website information is imported into a computer file, this method is called data scraping. There is evidence of this opinion of Rajahari in the report of the blog of the organization. Facebook said the data was scrapped in 2019.

However, Rajshekhar’s statement – user name, Facebook ID, date of birth, location, phone number, mail ID – all these are probably not in the hands of hackers, got step by step. He claims that in many cases the company provides some information to a third party for work. Facebook shared the information with a number of organizations in the same way, hoping they would be able to maintain the security of the data. But in practice, hackers have snatched information from third parties.

2. Where is this leaked data now?

International cyber security researchers said that hackers have been selling this data since 2019. It is not possible to sell it again in 2021, so they have uploaded everything on the website, so that anyone can download it. Rajahariya also supported this statement. He said that the leaked information has been uploaded on a website called Dark Web.

3. What risks do users have to bear as a result?

According to Rajahariya, since no information about the bank was leaked, there is no risk of financial loss in the first place. However, hackers can try to manipulate the user’s bank information by sending various phishing mails or spam calls. So this should barely be ignored.

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