Corona test results can be known in a second — USA news 2021

Corona test results can be known in a second

Corona test results can be known in a second — USA news 2021

Scientists have discovered a special way to get the results of the corona test in one second. That being said, using a newly discovered sensor with saliva or saliva in the mouth, it can be detected in a second whether the person is infected with corona, which is faster than any current corona test method.

According to Indian media NDTV, a detailed research article on the new corona test method has been published in the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B.

RT-PCR testing is considered ideal for testing for coronavirus. But this PCR test takes more time. Sometimes it takes a few hours or even a few days in many cases to get the results of this test.

Minghan Jian, author of the article and doctoral candidate at the University of Florida in Chemical Engineering, said the benefits of using the new corona test method could be reaped. “Our biosensor strip should look like a blood glucose test kit,” he said. It will have a microfluid channel at one end. It will have electrodes, through which the sample will be tested.

During this test the sensor strip is connected to the circuit board through a connector. The sensor strip will have two electrodes. An electrode will have corona antibodies. A small amount of electricity will be supplied to the electrodes of the strip during the test. Through this the signal will be brought to the circuit board for analysis. “Our system will analyze this signal and report it on the screen,” Xian said.

Researchers involved in the invention say it will reduce the cost of corona testing. This technology is not just for corona testing. Can also be used for other disease tests.

Xian said that corona antibodies are being used in electrodes that can be used to test for other diseases using other antibodies.

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