Boris johnson uk Boris Johnson is marrying girlfriend Carrie || Boris johnson update|| boris johnson wife

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to marry his girlfriend Carrie Symonds next summer. The news agency Reuters reported on Monday quoting a report published in The Sun newspaper of the United Kingdom.

Boris johnson
boris johnson wife

Boris and Carrie have already sent wedding invitations to their family-relatives-friends. The invitation letter mentions July 30, 2022, as the date of marriage.

Details, including the location of the Boris-Carey wedding, have been kept secret, The Sun reported.

In February 2020, Boris and Carrie announced that they were committed to get married. Their child is coming.

In 2019, Boris became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Boris and Carrie have lived on Downing Street since taking over as prime minister.

Boris, 56, and Carrie, 33, are the first unmarried couple living on Downing Street.

The Boris-Carey couple has a son. The baby was born in a London hospital last year. His name is Wilfred Laurie Nicholas.

Boris’s ex-wife’s name is Marina Wheeler. In September 2016, they announced their separation. They are going to end 25 years of married life. Boris has four children in this family.

Boris married another woman before Wheeler. As such, Carrie will be Boris’ third wife.

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