Assange’s fiance said outside the court | Top class news 2021

Assange’s fiance said outside the court His fianc , Stella Morris, has reacted to a UK court ordering the trial of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the United States. The United States has said it is “disappointed” that Assange’s trial has stalled. And Mexico has shown interest in granting political asylum to Assange. According to … Read more

Police-FBI behind the murder of US civil rights leader Malcolm!

Police-FBI behind the murder of US civil rights leader Malcolm! New York police and the FBI were involved in the assassination of Malcolm X, a prominent US civil rights leader. His family made the claim in a letter from a late detective and police officer. In 1975, this fearless activist was brutally killed for realizing … Read more

Everybody Loves a Rogue By Martin Full Novel Story

Thouge sometimes we live to regret it. scoundrels, con men and scalawags . ne’er do wells thieves cheats and rascals . bad boys and girls. Swindlers, seducers deceivers flimflam men , imposters , frauds fakes liars cads tricksters.. They go by many names , and they turn in stories of all sorts, in every genre … Read more

‘Major’ returns to White House

‘Major’ and ‘Champ’ are Biden’s pet dogs. There were allegations that the Major had lost his mind as soon as he entered the White House. He became crazy. He would rush towards everyone. President Biden was forced to send the two dogs back from the White House. However, his two favorite dogs are returning to … Read more

Two Kashmiri women in Biden administration USA news 24 || 2021

Two Kashmiri-American women born in Indian-controlled Kashmir have been given important responsibilities in the administration of US President Joe Biden. They are Samira Fazili and Ayesha Shah. It is learned that Samira Fazili has been appointed as the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council of the White House. He will coordinate the economic policy-making … Read more